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This past weekend we worked events for two major clients. They are not major because of who they are, but more so for what they bring and mean to the community. 

The weekend started with events for The Kam Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization created by Seattle Seahawks captain Kam Chancellor. The foundation Kam seeks to equip children from underserved communities in Hampton Roads and Seattle areas with educational, health, and wellness tools and resources to position students for greater academic success.

The annual Bam Bam’s Spring Jam consisted of the Cocktail Reception/Silent Auction,Celebrity  Bowling Party, Community Coookout and Celebrity Basketball Game. These events all occurred from Friday to Saturday. I will go into details about the events in a later post. 

Sunday’s event consisted of the wedding of WTKR News 3 Morning Anchor/Reporter Jessica Larche.  She married her beloved Sean Washington. 

Jessica also made a weekend of her nuptials. In addition to hosting family and friends, the couple also hosted a charity fitness challenge. The proceeds were donated to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and Eastern Shore

Their wedding and reception was no “cookie-cutter” fare. It was definitely the Big Apple meets the Big Easy. I will let that marinate for a moment… 

Following the reception was a benefit concert that supported the non-profit organization, Parents Against Bullying.  

We will take a closer look at all of the events later, but did I mention that Saturday was my birthday? 

Work never ceases but when you enjoy what you do and enjoy being around the people you do it for, I will gladly miss any birthday celebration!