Most people know the business resume and persona, but very few people know the actual person behind Memorable Events by Apryl. Apryl’s friend, Danyel, decided to ask her questions that most people may not know about the planner/designer.  And unwittingly, Apryl agreed to answer the questions- no holds barred. 

No worries, all of the questions were fun and carefree. Take a look at some of the things that you may not have known about Apryl below. 

Where do you feel the most comfortable or relaxed? 

Any place outdoors that’s near water. 

What’s the last book that you read?

No Logo by Naomi Klein

Where’s your favorite spot to eat out of all your travels?

Jacques Imo’s in New Orleans 

What do you do for recreation? 

Photography, entertaining friends, enjoying wine, playing bartender for friends and traveling, of course. 

What celebrity were you obsessed with growing up? 

Janet Jackson 

Do you have any allergies? 

Yes, I’m allergic to fish (non-crustacean). Luckily, I can eat shellfish! 

Uber or Taxi? And Train or Plane?

Uber and Plane. If I could fly everywhere I would. I love to fly! 

What would you consider yourself most passionate about? 

Youth advocacy

If you were to get arrested, what would those close to you think it would be for? 

Losing my temper. Luckily, I know self-restraint. 

What’s one thing about you that people may find hard to believe? 

I’m an introvert and at times very shy. Because of my industry and clientele, I push myself pass it daily. 

This was just a small taste of things that people don’t know about Apryl. We will definitely share more over time!