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Last evening, the Hampton Roads chapter of ISES held our annual Give Back event in support of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia & Eastern Shore. The event which consisted of approximately 40 ISES Hampton Roads members and guests consisted of a Foodbank tour and educational session, followed up by food bagging, dinner and our annual pie & cake auction.

It was very eye-opening to learn that for every $1 that is donated to the Foodbank, 3 meals can be produced for those less fortunate. During the volunteer phase of our event, we were able to put together 200 bags of food items. I don’t think that anyone wanted to stop the bagging process once we realized how much of an effect it has on the community!

The Pie & Cake auction consisted of handmade baked items from our ISES members. The benefits from the auction went to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and Eastern Shore. There were so many goodies to choose from, but I had my eye on the sweet potato pie! Needless to say, I won my sweet at a sweet cost of $80. That was nothing compared to some of the desserts that were grabbed at $150 and above! As of the latest count, ISES Hampton Roads raised over $3500 for the Foodbank- that’s 1100 meals!!!

Take a look at some of the photos from the event and please visit the Foodbank’s website to see how you can contribute to helping to feed our community! Make It Memorable!