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One of the most important decisions that a client and event designer must make when planning the design concept of an event is the colorscape to be used. This is a very important factor, as the colors used for your decor helps to set the mood for your event. The type, color and texture of the linen, flowers and decor items used can take your event from calm & relaxing to bold & energetic!

This post will provide you with some insight on how certain colors can affect the mood and feel of an event.

Neutrals and Browns: Stable, timeless and sometimes dramatic. These colors provide warmth and elegance

Blacks and Greys: Chic and urban. These colors can help create an elegant and sophisticated event.

Whites and Ivories: Clean and Fresh.

Reds and Pinks: Vibrant and feminine.

Purples and Blues: Regal and Sophisticated. These colors help to evoke feelings of elegance, glamour and classic style.

Teals and Greens: Modern and inviting. The moods evoked are anywhere from sassy to subtle.

Oranges and Yellows: Modern, warm, and bold. Think ethnic, sunny, pleasant, and strong.

Of course, by combining these colors the possibilities are limitless of what ambiance your decor will bring to the event. I always present design options to my clients that are void of the normal color palette combinations since I love to experiment with colors. Have fun and feel free to use this information as a guide!

Make It Memorable!