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Whether you’re hosting a wedding, birthday party or corporate event the dilemma of what type of entertainment to have may arise. Choosing the right entertainment may be the key to the event’s overall success. Because of my previous experience working within the entertainment industry, people assume that I’m an “authority” on the subject but I can proudly proclaim that I’m not. I can attest to the fact that I DO have a working knowledge of the different forms of entertainment that is available as well as important factors that you will need to consider before securing event entertainment.

There are four types of entertainment- incidental, interactive, live bands and name talent.. Incidental entertainment are not featured performers, but round out your event I.e filler acts such as close-up magicians or dancers. Interactive entertainment is very similar to incidental entertainments except it involves your guests serving as an integral part of the performance. Interactive entertainment includes tarot readings or trivia segments- anything that your guests will come away with something. Live bands is the most popular form of entertainment; need I say more… And the last form of entertainment is name talent. Do not confuse name talent entertainment with celebrity entertainment (although celebrities are considered name talent). Name talent can consist of any locally known talent within a specific entertainment medium, I.e. DJ’s, comics, speakers etc.

Once you determine what form of entertainment you wish to have at your event, you need to choose the RIGHT entertainment for your event. This is established by looking at your target audience and the mood you’re trying to create. Another factor is making sure that your entertainment is compatible with your event space.

I will not get too deep into the subject as your event planner should be able to help direct you in these areas of your planning. The mist important thing to take away from this post about selecting you event entertainment is that proper planning and analysis is crucial. But most importantly, the goal is to make it memorable!