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Every bride-to-be envisions her wedding day and the special moments that they will share with their beloved groom and family. One of those special moments is the father-daughter dance. This dance symbolizes a father recognizing the transition from him being the man in the bride’s life to her groom now assuming this new role.

For Rachel Wolf, the uncertainty of being able to have her father-daughter dance was too real. Her father, Dr. James Wolf had recently been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and given less than three months to live. Rachel decided that she was going to ensure that this symbolic moment between father and daughter was captured for her special day by any means.

Rachel arranged to have a father-daughter dance that was captured by video for her special day. The venue, limo and DJ all donated their services so the unengaged “bride” can have her special moment. This also ensured her father the opportunity to still be an integral part of his daughter’s day although he may not be there physically when the day arrives.

This story made me so emotional and I couldn’t help but to cry when I saw it. I have shared the touching video below so that you can witness a daughter’s love for her father. Please click here to view this touching video story.