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cinco de mayoIn two days one of my favorite holidays will be upon us- Cinco de Mayo!  I come from a family who loves to celebrate and there is no holiday too big or too small to get together to enjoy the company of friends and family while indulging in great food, drinks and games!  Since I love to entertain so much, I thought that I would share some quick and easy tips for you to be able to host your own Cinco de Mayo party at home.


Decorating your home for your Cinco de Mayo party does not have to be a major task. The one thing to remember is that the décor should be very colorful!  Colors such as red, yellow, green and blue should be used generously.  But, do not feel the need to stop there!  Almost any color combinations may be used to add a festive décor.   Simple items such as sombreros (all sizes) can be placed on tables and in corners of the room to add a festive flare as well.  Another décor element that is really inexpensive and cute is the utilization of paper flowers and streamers which can be hung from the ceiling, along tables or placed on the tables as well.   Simple table centerpieces may be made out of using cans of Spanish delicacies and bottle products filled w/ colorful flowers.  Again, the idea of the décor is colorful and festive!

cinco de mayo centerpieces



My favorite part of any party is the food.  I am a self-confessed foodie and I must have great food for me and my guests.  The obvious menu choice for a Cinco de Mayo party is taco, but I like tacos with a twist.  Mini Tequila Shrimp tacos is my favorite!  Other menu options that you want to use are 7 layer dip cups, guacamole dip, salsa, tostados or any Mexican dish of your liking!

mini shrimp tequila tacos


In keeping with the Cinco de Mayo theme, my ultimate dessert choice is the Patron Cupcakes.  Check out my previous post to get the recipe for these tasty treats.  You will not be disappointed! Other great dessert choice for your party may include empanadas and churros.



Need I even spend a lot of time on this section??? Tequila, tequila and tequila is a MUST for your Cinco de Mayo party!  My other must-haves include Coronas, margaritas and sangritas.  Really, it doesn’t matter what beverages you have, as long as there is enough of a variety for all of your guests to enjoy!

cinco de mayo drinks


No Cinco de Mayo party is complete without some form of entertainment.  As a child I used to always love going to parties and striking the piñata, so as an adult there’s no better holiday to incorporate this game such as this!  Some host incorporate drinking games, but most of my guests like to play cards which are also a hit!

cinco de mayo sombreros