Everyone knows that I absolutely love cupcakes, but other sweet indulgences of mine include doughnuts. Now a plain glazed doughnut will suit me just fine, but a dear friend of mine recently introduced me to a local gourmet donut shop named O’Doodle Doo’s.

This donut shop has various flavor options such as Baby Ruth, Black Coffee, Cheesecake, Funky Monkey and Blueberry Bacon to name a few! Their online menu boasts six pages of doughnut favors, but they do note that this list is already outdated as they are always adding new flavors. My personal favorite is Lemon Meringue!

O’Doodle Doo’s donuts are great for any event, including weddings. Each donut is individually decorated by hand and can reflect the theme of your choice. Gourmet donuts is definitely an alternative to the everyday dessert option!

If you are in the Hampton Roads area, swing on by and try them out for yourself!

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