I personally love Fall weddings and the warmer decor hues that they summon. I love a Fall bride that does not shy away from palletes of orange, golden yellow and/or red. But what I love even more is a bride who is not afraid to incorporate natural elements into her wedding design. As you may know by now, I love to veer from the norm when it comes to decor and design.

With this season comes the presence of pumpkins! There are so many ways that you can incorporate pumpkins into your wedding. What makes pumpkins such excellent choices for Fall weddings is their versatile use (thanks to their variation in size and color).

The most obvious use for pumpkins in a wedding is for decor. They can be placed along the ends of aisles at the ceremony, used as a part of the table centerpiece or simply grouped and used as a part of an unique altar arrangement. You can use the pumpkins in their natural state or painted such colors as gold or white.

Another unique use for pumpkins in a wedding are as place card or escort card holders. Elegant tags with your guests’ names scribed on them may be tied onto miniature pumpkins to assist in seating and/or serve as favors. This is definitely an unique way to tie in the Fall theme of a wedding.

A more unique way of using a pumpkin in a wedding is as a ring bearer “pillow.” Instead of using the traditional pillow, your ring bearer will bring in your wedding rings tied to a pumpkin. The pumpkin stem may be adorned with beautiful ribbons of your wedding colors. The rings would then be attached to the pumpkin by elegantly secured ribbons as well.

I am quite sure there are many more possibilities of uses for pumpkins in Fall weddings, it only takes a matter of good picking and a great imagination!

Make It Memorable!