I am a “creative” which has its advantages as well as disadvantages. There are always so many ideas that are swirling through my mind at any given time, but unfortunately there’s not enough hours in a day to always execute them.

My first love has always been art. Truth be told, that is how I was introduced into event design/planning world. Recently, I have been revisiting my first love more often. Now don’t get me wrong, I am designing for my clients all of the time but I rarely get to enjoy my work for myself.

Well, I have recently decided to go back to basics and take out time to enjoy the one thing that brings me pleasure and relaxation- my own personal art projects. I have a special project that I’m working on which I can’t quite share as of yet, but in the meantime I will share just a taste of my recent sketches. Stay tuned to find out how I will be making more memories…