One of the toughest decisions that a lot of my brides face when planning the details of their ceremony is what music to include.  It can often be difficult determining what songs to have played and when.

Here is a guide that will hopefully help brides when creating the soundtrack for their special day.

There are five main parts of the wedding ceremony that will require music: prelude, processional, ceremony, recessional and postlude.

The prelude is the span of time before the actual ceremony begins.  Usually your guests are being seated at this time.  The prelude music sets the mood for the actual ceremony.  You should allot 30 to 45 minutes of prelude music.

The wedding party walks down the aisle during the processional.  The key to determining the music during this portion of the ceremony is the length of the aisle as well as the size of the wedding party.  It is not uncommon for the processional to have more than one song.  Remember that the processional music will help build up the anticipation of the bride’s entrance.

Music being played during the ceremony should serve to highlight special moments or interludes such as the lighting of unity candles, communion or after the exchange of vows.

Recessional music is played after the couple have been announced husband and wife and the wedding party is exiting the ceremony site.  It is good to remember that since this is a celebratory portion of the wedding, the music should be upbeat and festive.

One part of the wedding ceremony that a lot of people neglect musically is the postlude.  This is the period when the guests are exiting the ceremony site.  Remember: the ceremony is not over until the guests leave the venue!

Although no one can help you choose which songs to incorporate into the wedding ceremony, hopefully this post will help you to at least narrow down how many musical selections you will need for your special day. 

My most important tip regarding selecting ceremony music is to make sure that the music reflects who you and your significant other are as couple.  You want to not only create the soundtrack for your wedding, but create the memories for years to come…

Make It Memorable!