We are excited to introduce to you the newest member of our team, wardrobe stylist Roderick Hawthorne! 

Roderick, the CEO of Hawthorne Modeling Agency, is not new to the world styling.  Although you may not be familiar with his name, you have seen some of his styling on celebs such as Tiffany Evans, Pusha T, Raheem DeVaughn, Juicy J and Victoria Secret model Teah Spears

Mr. Hawthorne has an innate ability to effortlessly enhance his client’s look with his unique flair of style.  He truly understands that fashion is more than just clothing, but rather an expression of a lifestyle!

That lifestyle representation extends well beyond the runway and print.  The wedding industry will be introduced to Mr. Hawthorne’s bridal styling at this year’s Style To The Aisle Event.  Did I mention that he is versatile???  And that versatility also extends to styling for proms as well.  What young lady would not appreciate that extra special treatment for one of the first memorable events in her life!

As you probably have noticed, I can go on and on about Roderick’s talents.  And as with all of my clients, I am not just their public relations representative but I also serve as their clients!  Be on the look out for my own style upgrade.

You do not have to be a celebrity to have a stylist assist you with your wardrobe.  I feel that it should be a priority for all!  Mr. Hawthorne can assist with weddings, proms or simple everyday style makeovers!

Roderick Hawthorne is available for catalog, commercial, runway or any memorable event that an individual may have in their life!  Booking inquiries may be sent to stylingbyhawthorne@gmail.com

Media inquiries may be sent to pr@makememorable.com

Make It Memorable!