I love going to wine festivals and local wine tasting events, but sometimes hate the cost and/or travel that it involves.  To counter these seldom bouts of laziness, I have started hosting private wine tasting parties at home.

Anyone can do this and it is an easy and different way to enjoy different wines while entertaining close family and friends.  The most difficult aspect of planning this party  will be determining what type of tasting you would like to have; i.e. Wine & Chocolate Tasting, Wine & Cheese Tasting, etc.  I will share some tips with you so that you can indulge in your own private wine tasting party.

1. You will need at least 4 to 6 different wines.

2. You will need bread so that your guests can clean their palate between tastings.

3. Make sure that you have one wine glass for each guest.

4. Provide tasting cards to each guest so that they may record each wine that they tasted.

5. When tasting, you will need to start off with the white wines (dry to sweet) and then the red wines (light to full-bodied).  *Do not pour no more than 2 ounces of wine in the glass when tasting.

6. Enjoy!

Make It Memorable!