I absolutely love using candles as an element of decor for my events.  If you have ever been to my home, you will notice that candles are in almost every room. 

Candles are a really versatile and inexpensive way to create a tablescape for a wedding, birthday party or intimate dinner party.  I am going to provide you some tips on how to utilize candles to make your next event memorable!

Candlelit Dinners – Long candles in tall candlesticks with small shades on top may provide a very elegant look for formal dinner parties. 

Scented Candles- Do not use heavily scented candles for a dinner party as the scent may interfere and/or distort the pleasant aroma of the food being served.

Creating a dramatic effect- Standing tall, wrought-iron candelabras in corners of the room or on table help to create a sense of drama.  An important thing to note is to make sure that you use only non-drip candles and keep the candles away from drafts. 

Outdoor Lighting- Thick pillar candles, hanging lanterns  and even votive candles may be used to decorate for outdoor events.  You can use the candles to light the path to the main party area, place them on outdoor table or hang candle lanterns from trees and bushes to add extra lighting.

Make It Memorable!