When planning any type of the event, the venue is one of the most important aspects.  Face it, there will not be an event without the venue. 

Before securing a location for your next party, you must make sure that the site is the proper size for the amount of guests that you wish to have in attendance.  Most venues will have staff that will be able to provide you with their capacity limits, but not all.

Whether you are a planner or a Do-It-Your-
Selfer,  it is good to know how to calculate the proper venue space needed for your event.  I am going to share some tips with you that I hope that you will be able to utilize.

1. For banquet seating, calculate 100 square feet for a table of 10 guests. 

2. Theater-style seating will require 10 square feet per guest.

3. To accommodate guests comfortably in a standing reception, calculate 10 square feet per guest as well.

4. Now, if you will be having other room elements such as a stage, dance floor or catering stations you must additional space.  The rule of thumb is to obtain the total square footage of the room and divide this number in half.  Half of the room will be used for guests while the other half is utilized for the other elements.

So, there you have it!  I hope that these tips help you when choosing a venue for your next event.

Make It Memorable!