So this week was no different than any other week for me here lately.  I had a jam-packed schedule of things to do.  The only free evening that I had was Wednesday, which really did not seem free since I had to take care of things on the home front.

Monday evening I attended the December Vendor Blender for 757 Wedding Profressionals.  It was held at Yacht Club at Marina Shores.  This was a great networking event and opportunity to reconnect with some wedding professionals that due to schedules I may not get to speak with on the regular.  The food looked great (as I am still on my diet regimen).  Wonderful evening and a great chance to see the renovations that have been done at the venue.

Tuesday was a late night in the office, meeting with my client Platinum Faces Cosmetics.  Of course, a scheduled a 1 hour meeting which turned into 2.  But we are gearing up for 1Q of 2012 and it is well worth the time.  While at the office, I had to take a snapshot of the Christmas Tree that the receptionists have placed on their station.  It really helps to bring in the holiday spirit!


Thursday night marked the campaign kickoff for my good friend and Norfolk City Councilwoman Angelia Williams.  It was held at the Hilton-Norfolk Airport.  I was attending as a guest, but ended up being the videographer for the evening.  It was good to see a lot of local officials out as well as citizens who wanted to become aware of what her campaign platform is based on! 

On Friday, I was supposed to attend the launch party of Picture Me Up! Photography but I was tired.   I am quite sure that everything went well and clients enjoyed the talented “eye” of the owner, Denesha Bryan.

I wish that I could say that I am going to get some rest this upcoming week, but it doesn’t appear that way.  I will be sure to update you as usual.

Make It Memorable!