We have all had the duty of sending out “Thank You” notes or cards to guests for attending our events and/or giving us gifts for an ocassion.  Since we are living in a digital world, a lot of people often forget the ABC’s of sending a traditional note of gratitude. 

 I will provide you with some easy tips to remember when sending our your next “Thank You” note.

1. Make sure that your note as a minimum of three (3) sentences.

2. Do not use pre-printed or fill in the blank thank you cards.  They are not personable at all.

3. Do not print out thank you notes on your computer.  Handwrite them whenever possible.

4. If you are thanking someone for a monetary gift, do not name the amount. 

5. Use only blue or black ink when writing a thank you note.

6. Try to send the thank you note within seven (7) days of the event and/or gift receipt.

7.  Most importantly, be sincere when writing your note.   Do not talk about yourself in the note.  Acknowledge the gift and your gratitude.

Please keep these etiquette tips in mind when sending out your next thank you note- please and thank you!

Making It Memorable!