Everyone wants to be able to capture the moments of their special event whether it be by photographs or video.  Pictures are great, but they do not always capture that funny joke that your uncle Al told or the totally unexpected snafu that your best friend made.  Videos do capture these moments!

There are some questions that you should ask a videographer before hiring him/her to film your next event.  We are not going to discuss the obvious questions, such as cost of services, allotted time of service provided, etc.  I will share with you some of the most important questions to ask when evaluating a videographer.  These are questions that the client and sometimes planner neglect to ask that are also very important. 

1. How long have you been in business?

2. How many and what types of events do you videograph?

3. What is your storytelling approaching when filming an event (especially a wedding)?

4. How do you accommodate different lighting situations?

5. Will you coordinate with the event photographer?

6. What type of editing do you use?

7. Can you obtain the raw footage?  And if so, is there an additional fee?

8. Who owns the copyright to the video?

Of course, there are so many more questions that you will ask the videographer, but I wanted to touch on some of the key inquiries.  I always like to request samples of their work.  This will truly provide you with an idea of the scope of their work.  And of course, do not forget to ask for references.  References will be to detail the videographer’s work ethic and business etiquette. 

I hope that these tips will help and let us know if you have any other videographer questions!

Make It Memorable!