The past few months have really been a testing period for me personally.  At times I passed with flying colors, but at others I must admit I failed miserably.  But throughout it all, there have been the staples in my life (near and far) that have been there to uplift me, scold me, pray for me, and sometimes just laugh at me!

Words can not express how much each of them mean to me but I did find a poem that pretty summed it up.  I love you Eb, Dana, Lisa, Tommy and Laz!!!!  Here’s the poem:

God put people in your life for a reason
Some for a while and some for a
But with you I know it’s for a lifetime
Because your friendship and
love is hard to find

You never judge or look down on me
And you see
things in me I would never see
And that’s the way a friendship is supposed to

I say my prayers and thank him for you
Because without you I don’t
know what I’d do
I know you be tired and you have your own life
But you’re
still there for me without malice or strife

You’re my strength when I
can’t take it anymore
all I have to do is knock on your door
You’ll stop
whatever you’re doing to see about me
And what you some people would charge a

This poem is to let you know
That I really appreciate you
to let you know that I love you too
But most of all it’s just my way of
saying THANK YOU