Next year, I will be celebrating my birthday at a destination spot.  Yes, we all have heard of destination weddings but destination birthday parties are becoming more popular as well.

You and your guests get to spend a nice vacation (or mini-vacation) with each other while celebrating your special day.

Before you start packing your bags, there are some things to consider when planning your destination event:

1. What is a reasonable budget for you and your guests?  Guests typically pay their own way in exchange for buying you a gift.  You do not want the trip to be too expensive for your guests to want and/or be able to attend.

2. Pick the right location.  Budget will play a large role in the location, but you also want to consider travel time and the activities that will be offered at the location.  Will there be activities present for all of your guests to enjoy?  Will the location fit you and your guests personality.

3. Choose the right guests to invite.  Nothing is worse than being stuck in a far away place with a person who is getting on your nerves.  Make sure that you invite people who you do not mind being around for more than a day.  Also make sure that their personalities are compatible with the others.

Now your party does not have to be at a resort.  You can plan a week-long cruise, weekend getaway in the city or off-season 4 day break.  Your options are limitless.  And for my friends that are waiting for their invites, they will come shortly after I finalize the planning.

Make It Memorable!