Every bride looks forward to her special day, but that excitement can easily turn into frustration once she realizes the costs that are associated with having a wedding.

With all of the wedding shows that are currently on television, it is so easy for engaged couples to become disillusioned by the gloss and shimmer.  What I want to do is remove the sparkle and get to the bare bones of the matter-the money factor!

The average cost of a wedding in the United States in 2011 is $24,000.   Again, this is an average, not an end all!  If you want an above average wedding, you will  incur a higher than average cost.

Let’s break down the cost based upon category :

Venue & Catering: $11,000.00

Wedding Attire & Accessories: $1700.00

Stationary: $670.00

Photography & Videography: $3300.00

Floral: $1800.00

Entertainment: $1500.00

Transportation: $650.00

Additional Costs (i.e. Planner fees, jewelry, makeup artist, etc): Approx $4000 and up

Now, the important thing to remember again is that these costs are only averages!  I encourage my couples to really do their research on the wedding components that they really want.  This way, they can see first hand what items really costs and they can determine if it is really important to incorporate these items into their special day.

It is also important to note that the above average amount will vary depending upon state and geographic regions.

In Part 2 of this post, we will address the costs of design elements that most brides swoon over!

Your wedding planner is the best point of reference for assessing price points that represent your style & taste.  He/she will also be able to offer suggestions on alternatives to help minimum costs while maintaining your vision.

Make It Memorable!