Thanks to Irene, many people along the eastern seaboard are either confined to their homes or forced to evacuate.  Well, I am one of those who are confined to my home.  When I was little, my family would have Hurricane parties (yes, I am an expert at dealing with these things).  So I thought that I would share the details for my northern pals who are not as versed in this area.

1. First and foremost, safety is the ultimate rule.  If you are hosting the party, make sure that your guests arrive at your residence well before the storm is anticipated to hit your area.  We do not want anyone traveling in the path!

2. Have plenty of flashlights and candles. There is always the possibility that you will lose electrical power.  This will help keep your home illuminated and semi-comfortable in case the lights do go out.  With that said, you will need to make sure that you have enough batteries.

3. Have plenty of ice on hand. If the power does go out, you want to make sure that you have ice to place some of your food on so that it will not spoil.

4. Stock up on canned goods and snack foods.  No party is really any good without having food to satisfy your guests.  You will need to have plenty of non-perishable foods.  Load up on chips, crackers, sodas, bottled water and plenty of canned food items.  And please make sure that you have manual can openers.  Nothing is worse than wanting to open that can of tuna only to find that you don’t have the utensils to do so.

5. Bring out the games! Board games and cards will serve as the entertainment for some of the evening.  Don’t worry adults, there are plenty of board games that are directed towards the more mature demographic.  Email me for suggestions.

6. Let the music play! Make sure that you keep the portable radio on hand!  Not only for your musical pleasure, but also to keep tabs on the weather and any emergency announcements.

7. Invite people who you know that you can tolerate for hours at a time.  Nothing is worse than being around people who are downers.  Do not invite people who you know will not enjoy themselves and/or will dampen the spirits of your other guests.  You want all of your guests to be comfortable.

8. Just have fun and be safe! I do not think that there is much that I can add here!  Have fun and enjoy!

Make it Memorable!