I thought that I would continue with the theme from yesterday’s post- catering.  When meeting with your planner and/or caterer there are catering options that will be presented to you that unless you are a socialite or hospitality expert, the terms used may confuse you.  I know of many event professionals that do not understand what all of the terms me.

I was fortunate enough to learn a lot of this during my pageant days and etiquette classes that I attended as a preteen.  I will be honest with you, refreshers are sometimes needed!  Well, I am going to save you some of the headache and share some of the common lingo used within the food & catering world. Here you go!

All-Inclusive: This refers to food, beverage, tax and tips when dealing with banquet halls, hotels and restaurants.

Antipasto: This is an Italian term that means “Before the meal.”  It is the first course in an Italian meal.  Unlike Hors d’oeuvres, antipasto is served at the table and usually consists of cured meats, marinated vegetables and cheeses.

Buffet: A more casual way to serve a meal.  Guests are offered a variety of dishes displayed on tables that they can serve themselves at.

Family Style: Platters of food are placed at each table where the guests can help themselves to what they want.

French Service: White-gloved waiters prepare the food table side from a very large dish or platter which is held by another waiter.  Each guest is served individually.

Glatt Kosher: This menu follows strict Jewish guidelines- 1. Shellfish, rabbit and pork are forbidden, 2. Dairy and meat can not be consumed together and 3. Grape products must me produced by someone who follows the Jewish faith.

Hors D’oeuvres: This is a French term which means “outside the work.”  Appetizers that precede the main course.

Intermezzo: This Italian term means “in between.”  It is a sorbet course designed to cleanse the palate before the main course of a formal, multi-course dinner.

Plated Service or American Service: Each plate is prepared in the kitchen and is covered.  The cover is removed at the time that the plate is served to the guest.

Plus-Plus: Adding tax and gratuities on to the food and beverage price.

Russian Service: This is similar to French Service except the extremely coordinated waiters hold trays of prepared food in one hand and serve guests with the other.

Tray or Butlered Service: Waiters walk among guests with trays of hors d’oeuvres and/or drinks.

I hope that this post will help you with planning the catering portion of your next event!

Make it Memorable!