So there seems to be no end to my watch fetish.  I have to ban myself from certain website because they are detrimental to my financial health.  But, I have been watching this Limited Edition watch from ZShock for a while now.  It will remain on my wish list because it costs $1395.00.

Now, that price is a starting point because it can be customized with diamonds or ziamond cubic zirconia.  You also have the option of  having it in sterling silver with platinum alloy, white gold or yellow gold.  Yes, I have done my research!

I guess that I can continue to wish for this watch as I do have 2 blinged out watches already.  And trust, I do not even wear them that often- only on special occasions.  Maybe Prince Charming will appear and surprise me, or maybe my family will make a collective effort to show their appreciation.  Again, wishful thinking for my new wish list item!

Make it Memorable!