I was recently approached by my good friend, Lisa, who is in film school.  She is transitioning from her current occupation as a fashion stylist to a more artistic occupation (as she puts it).  Anyway, she is working on a short film/documentary entitled “Behind the Eyes of a Dreamer,” and I was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of it.  Without giving anything away, my part entailed being interviewed.  Although we have known each other for years, she asked me some really deep questions that I’ve never really felt comfortable sharing with ANYONE!  Any who, we were discussing the piece last night and she thought that it would be a great idea to share some of the questions that were addressed in the film as many people really have no idea who the REAL Apryl is.

So, I told her that I would post some of the questions, but will save the really personal ones for her film piece.  So here’s a teaser (I let her choose the questions):

How would you describe yourself and why?

I am a walking contradiction.  I say that because I am so many things to so many people  and no one is completely correct.  I would definitely say that for this reason I am complicated. 

What is it about yourself that most people do not realize?

Most people do not know that I am really a shy person when it comes to one-on-one interactions.  In group settings, I can be the life of the party- the hostess with the mostest.  But in more intimate settings, I tend to draw back within myself, these settings cause you to be more open about yourself and it takes me a while to open up to people on that level

What is your perfect day off?

My perfect day off consists of me lounging around the house, reading my favorite books and actually taking out the time to draw or paint.  I do not get as much time to concentrate on my artwork like I used to.  The phones, BlackBerry and laptop would definitely be turned off!

Who do you admire?

There is not ONE particular person that I admire, I admire many people.  I admire people who have a high standard of integrity.  I admire people who are not afraid to be themselves- flaws and all.  I admire people who are hard workers, who do not mind getting their hands dirty.  I admire people who are completely giving of themselves and their time to help others.

What traits do you dislike most in a person?

I do not like superficial and materialistic people.  Don’t get me wrong, I love nice things but those things do not make me as a person.  I’ve always had nice things but I also knew that my mother worked VERY hard to be able to provide me with those things.  I also had to earn them, nothing was given to me.  People assume that because of who some of my family members are and some of the people I know that I am about “names.”  It doesn’t impress me who you know or who you are related to.  We all have to answer to the same God!

What traits about yourself do you dislike or struggle with at times?

I am a very giving person, sometimes too giving.  My mother is the same way.  I genuinely care about people, no matter who you are.  If there is something that I can do to help someone, I will.  But don’t get it twisted, I am not a pushover and will not be used, lol!  Another thing about myself that I am constantly working on is my temper.  It is getting better, but I will snap off on you in a heartbeat if I feel disrespected.

What do you do that irritates your family or friends?

Lol, most of my friends and family hate going places with me.  I never meet any strangers wherever I go.  People like to just start conversations with me.  Likewise, I always run into somebody that I know.  My friend Mikel always jokes that no matter where we go in the country there is someone who knows me, lol.  But when you have had the experiences in life that I have been fortunate to have and then the family base that I have on both sides, it’s kind of difficult not to know a lot of people. It’s good for me because I know that if I am ever in a bind, a can place a few phone calls for help.  But some of my friends kind of find it irritating because we can be on vacation together and here comes “Sally” or “Johnny” out of nowhere, crashing the festivities…

What advice do you give to people?

Who am I to give advice to anyone???  I am still learning and growing as a person everyday.  My life mantras that I share with people are:  Be thankful for each breath, love all of those who ADD to your life, be honest with others and most importantly yourself, take chances and risks, NEVER take anything or anyone for granted,  and most importantly just be happy being YOU- the imperfect person that you are!

Those are all of the questions that I wish to share with you guys.  You will have to get the really deep and personal ones by watching Lisa Renee’s short film/documentary, “Behind the Eyes of a Dreamer” when it is completed and prayerfully released!

Make it Memorable!