As I am sitting here wrapping up my work for the night, I am enjoying a nice glass of wine!  This is my Thursday night ritual and I have no plans of changing it anytime soon, lol.

While I was here sipping on this glass of Noche wine, I thought about how may times clients have asked me about which wines are good with certain foods.  I do not consider myself to be a wine connoisseur by any means, but I do know a little something something on the subject matter!

Since I am drinking a dessert wine, I will share a nice little chart that I have that helps with the pairing of the dessert wines.   I hope that this chart helps you as much as it has helped me.  It is a really handy thing to hold on to.

Late Harvest Wines:
                                Wines made from grapes picked toward the end of the harvest when they are very ripe. Such grapes have higher sugar content, particularly those with botrytis cinerea, a beloved, beneficial mold that shrivels the grape thereby concentrating its sugar. This translates to a sweet wine, a wine that is high in alcohol or a wine with both of these characteristics.
Flavor Intensity: Rich, Deep, Honeyed
Serving Temperature: 51-61º F
Late Harvest Semillon
Late Harvest Muscat
Late Harvest Riesling
Late Harvest Muscat Canelli
Classic Food Pairings
Raspberry/Blueberry Tarte
Baked Apples
Fresh Pear Slices with Honey
Veined Cheeses
                                Port originates in the Douro Valley, Portugal (though it’s named for Oporto, the city from which they’re shipped). Originally crafted to ensure the draught lasted over long sea voyages, these sweet red wines have been fortified with a portion of brandy, giving them a higher alcohol content (20% average).
Port Suggested Serving Temperature: 62-65º F
                                Styles                                 Characteristics                                 Dessert Pairings
Ruby Port: a blend of wines aged in bulk for around 2-3 years and then bottled young, while still ruby red in color. Sweet, fresh, fruity, unfussy. Meant to be imbibed immediately after bottling. Gouda Cheese
Blueberry Tarte
Ultimate Berry Pie
Chocolate Lava Cake
Tawny Port: A blend of wines aged in wood for 5-50 years, allowing the color to dissipate to an orange-amber (aka tawny) hue. Slightly drier than Ruby, Tawny Port boast flavors reminiscent of caramel and brown sugar. Blue Cheeses (Roquefort)
Apple Blossoms
Pecan Pie
Fresh Peaches
Vintage Port: Made from the very best grapes of a single year, the wines are aged in wood for just two years, then in the bottle for at least 10. It’s bottled unfiltered and should always be decanted prior to enjoyment. Deep color, exquisite bouquet and fruity taste with hints of plum and blackberries. Full bodied with a long finish. Raspberry Tarte
Chocolate Lava Cake
Dark Chocolate
Blue Stilton
Aged Cheddar