I am still up working with no end in sight.  So what I usually do is listen to some music to help me stay on task.  Yes, I can not work in quietness, I must have some type of noise around!  Anyway, while I am grinding it out tonight, there is no better music to listen to than Teedra Moses’s new mixtape, Luxurious UnderGrind.  This chica is really underrated!  I had the pleasure of meeting her while I was still interning and she has a true singer with a great songwriting talent!

Now, there is a remix to the single “Another Luvr” feat. Wale that I think is much better than the mixtape version, but I still like it all the same.  Click the link to judge for yourself.

Well instead of me going on and on about her, here is a link to the mixtape for download.  Let me know what you think!

Make it Memorable!