More people are converting to a “green” lifestyle and with this transition comes many questions for some.  Many wonder how they can still enjoy entertaining for their children while remaining eco-friendly.  Well, I have compiled some tips for the eco-conscious client that I am sure will add more fun to your child’s party.


For decorations, let the children make decor items with cardboard, construction paper or mural paper. This would substitute any plastic streamers or balloons, plus it enhances the children’s creativitity.


The food items themselves do not have to waiver from the norm, but provide items that can be placed on napkins or use recycable paper plates and cups.


Party favors may also be made by the children. They can make origami items,
decorate wooden picture frames by painting them, make collages, or even dye cotton  t-shirts using organic dyes. If you wish to provide favors, you can give each child a small burlap bag w/ plant seeds or tokens to a local arcade(re-usable).

A great resource that I refer to my eco-friendly clients is They provide eco-friendly party supplies for almost every occassion.

Make it Memorable!