I can honestly say that I am very selective about who and what I put my name behind; likewise,  I will never hesitate to share a great “find” with you!  I am an avid reader and enjoy all literary genres.   A few months ago, a dear friend of mine told me about a poet/book author that she had met and was really impressed by- Brandan “BStuc” Stuckey.

He is the author of “The Last Words Will Be Spoken”, a Spoken Word poetry book.  I will not go into a lot of detail right now because I have interviewed “Tha Poet” to get a deeper insight into the man behind the spoken word!

How did you become interested in this art form?

I wrote and recited my first poem for my high school play.  The overwhelming response I received let me know this is something that I had to continue.

How would you describe what it is that you do and represent?

Spoken Word allows me to verbally paint pictures of various environments and situations that many in my audience encounter.  It’s a form of therapy through channeled expression.  As long as there’s a pen and paper around, there’s no room to feel alone.  With Spoken Word, you can write and recite and open yourself up to an unimaginable world.  I like to think of myself  as the gatekeeper to that world.

Explain the difference between Spoken Word poetry and what most consider traditional poetry?

Poetry is written expression that is bound by strict and specific guidelines.  Spoken Word is the oral delivery of authored literature expressed through voice inflection and body movements.  It is free of structure and is only limited by the deliverer.  As far as you want to take it, that’s the farthest it’ll go.

Who are your favorite poets?

I’m a fan of Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Paul Lawrence Dunbar.  However, we rarely if ever appreciate the contemporary artist while they’re alive.  As a product of the hip-hop generation I think the best rappers have to be great poets.  Only a select few come to mind.  There’s a lot of Biggie Smalls storytelling in my poetry.  I’m a fan of his, Cee-Lo Green, Outkast, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and Killer Mike.  All of these artist share a common intellect and rhetorical genius that inspires me.

What inspired you to write a book?

I was inspired to write a book after going on a Spoken Word Tour.  I wanted to do something different and continue to push the envelope for my art.  Most people sell CD’s and poetry books, but not a Spoken Word book.

Who is your target audience?

Working class individuals who are frustrated and often too tired or too afraid to voice how they feel.

How is your book different from other poetry books on the market?

My book gives you the complete journey from the pen and page to the mic and stage.  I’d always see poets scatter their poems in the same way through multiple pages without any sense of connection between the pieces.  I changed that.  My book reads like a front row seat at one of my performances.  It has the poem and the back story to each piece.

When people say the name BStuc, what is it that you want them to think about?

I want them to say I helped them find their voice.  I don’t want my audience to ever be afraid to voice their opinions.  I want to encourage people to speak out on life’s challenges whether it be good or bad.

How can people learn more about you and stay connected?

Check me out on Facebook, Twitter, or my website www.bstuchasspoken.com.

Make it Memorable!