One of my clients recently contacted me to advise that she was overwhelmed by the numerous options that were presented to her regarding invitations for her party.  I could really sympathize with her as I was in the same boat at the beginning of my planning career.  Most people don’t realize how entailed the process of picking out stationary can be.  Well, I am here to help.  I have listed some common terms that you may come across while trying to select invitations for your next event.  Take a look!

Caligraphy– A printing method used with fancy, handwritten script

Corrugated– Paper designed with thick, rigged grooves

Cotton– Natural fiber that is used for more formal invitations, usually pricier

Die-cut– Process used to cut shapes into paper

Embossed finish– Card stock paper that has images “pressed” into it

Engraving– Process in which the letters appear to be etched into the paper

Glossy– Shiny finishes on paper

Jacquard– Paper that has a layered effect

Letterpress– Process in which letters and/or images appears to be pressed into the paper

Linen– Paper designed with a cross-weave texture (i.e. resume paper)

Matte– Dull or flat finishes on paper

Moire– card stock that carries watermarks.  Provides a contemporary feel

Offset printing– Basic printing method

Parchment– Lightweight, see-through papers.  Provides an old-fashioned look and feel

Rice Paper– A lightweight paper stock that can only be used with letterpress

Stock– Paper type

Thermography– A less expensive alternative to engraving

Typeface– Another word for font

Variegated– The varying appearances of colors in stock

Vellum– A smoother cotton-blend paper that maintains a stiff appearance

Watermark– A subtle appearance of a company’s emblem in the paper

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