Back in February, I was working an event in Miami.  On my initial night, I met with my client and his wife at their residence to go over the final details of the upcoming event.  Most of my friends know that I have an extreme fetish!  I do not have enough room in my closet for all of my shoes, and I tend to forget about some of the shoes that I purchase until they are off season.  Anywho, my client’s wife had on a pair of Versace DVEA Platforms.  I just had to sneak a photo (as seen above).  Later that evening, I googled the shoes to find out more about them.  Well, lets just say that my mouth was agape when I saw the price tag of $1125.00.  That kind of made me back away from the screen, lol.  These shoes will definately fall into the “Would be nice to recieve as a gift” category.  This shoe is a part of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  They boast a 7″ heel, but keep in mind that the platform is 4″ high so the elevation may not seem so detrimental!

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