I am always one to incorporate crafts within my events, that is my niche and signature service to my clients.  Sometimes the craft project is large, but most of the times it is a small gesture that shows my clients how much I appreciate them!  While looking through my supply bin a came across some assorted paper pom poms. I had purchased them for table topiaries that I made for a wedding last year.  As I began taking inventory of the different sizes and colors that I currently have, I started to brainstorm as to how I can incorporate them for future events.  That started my search on the web for ingenious uses for paper pom poms.  Just take a look at some of the unique ideas that others have used them for.

Paper pom poms were use as an added decor element for favor boxes.  They make a really simple, yet elegant statement.

Champagne glasses can be adorned with small paper pom poms.

Larger pom poms can be hung from the ceilings over a table or throughout the room to add dimension to the overall room decor!

As I state previously, I  used the pom poms to make topiaries but as you can see from above you can also use them to create your own centerpiece!

Martha Stewart Weddings used paper pom poms to create napkin rings.

They can even be used as an added element for invitations.

I think that this is my all time favorite.  This would be perfect for a little girl’s garden party!

As you can see, there are so many different uses for paper pom poms and a lot more that have not even been discovered.  With any event, be as creative and resourceful as you see fit.  You will be surprised at the grand  possibilities that the smallest item can  bring to your event!

Make it Memorable!