I love non-traditional decor items, I believe that you can find the beauty in almost anything if you just take out the time to explore the possibilities.  One of the things that I love is incorporating items such as fruit into centerpieces.  The spring and summer months are the best time to use fruit, as their natural colors will enhance any tablescape.

There is no rule as to what kind of fruit you can use for your centerpieces- lemons, oranges, apples and even grapes can make your tablescape pop.  You can combine the fruit with coordinating flowers or just have them as a standalone decor item.  The main key is to make sure that you use vases that will show the texture and color of the fruit.

Here are a few tips for choosing fruit centerpieces:

1. Choose fruit that are in season as they will be less expensive.

2. Select fruit that compliment your design and color palette.

3. Purchase the fruit no more than 2 days prior to your event.  This will ensure that the fruit does not rot or bruise before your event.

The best thing about using fruit as centerpieces for your event is that the centerpieces can be given away to your guests as gifts and/or later consumed as healthy snacks.  As with any event, make sure that you research how much fruit will be needed for each centerpiece before deciding if it will be more cost-effective than using flowers.  In a future post, I will share ideas on how to utilize fruit as centerpieces.

Make it Memorable!