Many people often ask me how can they have a wonderful event on a limited budget. I always reply that what makes an event wonderful are the memories and the memories are tied into the visual. There are so many things that a client and event professional can utilize to save money for any type of event. Here are just a few tips:

1.Venue Sharing– this is especially useful for conventions. Businesses and/or organizations can share the price of a venue and furniture rentals. One organization can use the facility and items for the 1st part of the day while another organization can use it for the latter part of the day.

2.Dress rentals– this is great for weddings. Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses can be very costly. There are many boutiques and consignment shops that specialize in the rental of wedding attire. If the groomsmen can do, why not the women?!?!

3.Fake Designer Cakes– Okay, I know what you are thinking, why would someone want a fake designer cake? Well, the cake can serve as a main focal point for events such as weddings, showers, and conventions. But designer/couture cakes can be very pricy due to the intricate details that are on them. A lot of bakeries will provide alternative fake cakes made out of foam and covered in fondant. Regular sheet cakes can be prepared and kept in the back until serving time.

There are so many other money-saving tips that can be utilized. When planning your next event, just discuss these options with your planner. I am sure that he/she would love to help bring your event to life at the most minimal cost.

Make it Memorable!