My birthday always falls on Memorial Day weekend or Memorial Day; hence, why I named my company Memorable Events by Apryl.  I have never been one to go all out and celebrate my special day, but last year I decided to do something a little different.  Since I am always planning events for others, I thought that I would do something special for myself.  Last year family and friends joined me by celebrating my birthday for the entire weekend (4 days).  We started with a private dinner party at a local tapas bar, followed by a night out on the town.  Day 2 started off with a brunch at a local restaurant followed by a Day Party.  Day 3 consisted of a cookout/pool party at a family member’s residence. And Day 4 (Memorial Day) consisted of going to the beach with friends followed by a night out with more friends.  Whew!!!  That was a lot!  Well, everyone is asking me what is on the agenda for this year and I have NO idea!!!    I have really been swamped with work that my birthday has been the farthest thing on my mind.  So with that said, I am soliciting the help of my readers.  What should I do this year????  Please leave comments and/or suggestions.  My day is steadily approaching (May 28th) and I want to have something in the works!

Make it Memorable!